From facility-wide prevention surfaces to patient-specific powered air therapy systems, these solutions provide proven pressure redistribution options to meet the widest possible range of patient needs.

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Premium performance

Active and reactive options for pressure management, shear reduction and microclimate management.

Designed with caregivers in mind

Maximum positive outcomes with minimum caregiver intervention.

Simple and User-friendly

A winning combination of safety, useability, and value.


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Explore our comprehensive solutions for empowering patient care, including cutting-edge Ceiling Lifts, advanced Therapeutic Surfaces, Transfer Aid Solutions and more, all backed by a commitment to quality and innovation in patient handling.

Home Care

Transforming comfort into care, our range products can deliver the continuity of care you need to transition from the hospital to the home.

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Long-Term Care

Our comprehensive range of solutions is powered by advanced technology, ensuring enhanced safety, resident well-being, and overall quality of care in long-term care facilities.

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Acute Care

Our solutions are designed specifically to help hospitals in optimizing patient care delivery, enhancing efficiency, and improving patient outcomes.

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Bariatric Care

Addressing unique needs with dignity, bariatric care products focus on providing specialized care to patients of size.

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Putting Patients and Caregivers First: Specialized Clinical solutions for Exceptional Care.


Optimize Operational Efficiency: Customized project management, preventive maintenance, and nationwide service support.

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