Acute Care

Savaria Patient Care revolutionizes hospital care by providing top-tier clinical solutions fueled by innovative R&D, cutting-edge clinical research, and industry-leading best practices.


Specialized Equipment for Enhanced Care

Acute Care Solutions

Explore our comprehensive range of acute care solutions, designed to enhance patient safety, comfort, and care efficiency.

Ceiling Lifts

Effortlessly elevate patient care with our advanced ceiling lifts.

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Therapeutic Surfaces

Optimize patient recovery with advanced therapeutic surfaces designed for acute care settings.

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Floor Lifts

Innovative floor lifts for safe and efficient patient transfers.

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Transfer Aid Solutions

Innovative solutions for seamless patient transfers.

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Cutting-edge Technology

Revolutionizing hospital care with top-tier clinical solutions fueled by innovative R&D, cutting-edge clinical research, and industry-leading best practices.

Turnkey Project Management

We create customized safe patient handling plans, supported by our in-house turnkey project management and installation services, designed to meet the specific requirements of care facilities.

Clinical Excellence

Our team of clinical experts provides tailored clinical programs for healthcare professionals, ensuring excellence in patient care.

Optimizing Operational Excellence

Reduce overall cost of ownerships

Our products and solutions for hospitals are engineered with advanced technology and optimized for longevity. For example, our use of lithium-ion batteries in ceiling lifts improves product lifespan and reduces maintenance costs. With our strong manufacturing presence in North America, we can efficiently produce and deliver our products. Additionally, our nationwide network of maintenance and support experts provides prompt assistance, minimizing downtime and associated expenses.

Transforming Care Delivery

Experience safer, better healthcare

At Savaria Patient Care, we believe that better design leads to better compliance, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes. We understand the pivotal role that nurses play in providing exceptional healthcare, and our products are meticulously crafted to enhance their experience in hospital settings. Our commitment to simplicity and thoughtful design ensures that our solutions offer an intuitive user experience, making them not only easy to maneuver but also fast and efficient.

Meaningful Collaboration

Partnering to build a safe environment for staff and patients

Our mission is to provide tailored solutions that prioritize patient well-being and enhance the efficiency of healthcare professionals. From customized safe patient handling plans to tailored clinical programs, our team of experts empowers the highest standards of patient care. With dedicated support through acute care account managers across all regions of the United States and Canada, we create a seamless experience for our customers.

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