SPAN UltraMax™ for Stretchers

Premium pressure redistribution support surface. A key to exceptional continuity of care – on every patient surface.

  • With Ultra High Performance  Foam specially made for UltraMax™
  • Precision engineered for “full-sized hospital bed” comfort
  • Fluid resistant, antimicrobial, tear-resistant top cover with flapped zipper


Ultra Effective

Shear Transfer Zone™ cover design and Geo-Matt® segmented surface deliver unsurpassed protection against shearing, pressure, and heat/moisture buildup.

Ultra Comfortable

Precision engineered to help patients achieve a level of restful comfort typically possible only on full-sized hospital bed surfaces.

Ultra Resilient

Exclusive UHP 500™ core in seat section and 3-dimensional Zoning™ design provide support and durability not achievable with traditional HR, latex, or viscoelastic foams.

Designed for Superior Resiliency and Recovery

Packed with the design innovations that have made SPAN a recognized pioneer in premium pressure redistribution support surfaces.

  • UHP 500™ Ultra High Performance foam in high-fatigue seat section; 55% higher support factor yields superior resiliency and recovery.
UltraMax Stretchers Exploded

Shear Transfer Zone® Cover Design Protects against shearing

Silicone-coated, shear-minimizing fabric bands located on the cover’s underside help prevent heels, sacrum, and scapula from “digging into” surface. Protect against damaging effects of micro shear, macro shear, and rotational (pivot-induced) shear.
  • Unmatched protection from “bottoming out”
Ultramax Strechers Shear Transfer Zone

Anatomically Calibrated Support

3-Dimensional Zoning™ design provides anatomically calibrated levels of support and immersion throughout.

UltraMax Stretcher CloseUp

Heel Protection

Extra-soft heel section facilitates immersion to provide added heel protection.


Ultramax Heel Support Illustration

Dual Anchoring

Durable, non-slip bottom is outfitted with wide strips of “hook” attachment fabric for secure attachment to a variety of common stretcher models.

UltraMax Stretchers Dual Anchoring

Non-shearing Surface

Geo-Matt® non-shearing surface creates individually articulating cells; Ring-of-Air® channels dissipate heat and moisture.

Non Shearing Surface

LifeSpan® Fabric

The cover’s enhanced features include the unique design of the anti-microbial bi-directional stretch cover made with Span’s superior LifeSpan® fabric.

LifeSpan® is extremely durable and cleanable and is engineered to deliver outstanding resistance to chemical breakdown caused by bleach and other harsh disinfectants.


Superior Pressure Management

Computerized imaging confirms outstanding redistribution of pressure across the surface and low overall peak pressures.


Product Details

Downloadable Content

Surface Selection Algorithm


up to 700 lbs


3-year, non-prorated

Mattress Weight

Approx. 20 lbs

All components

100% latex-free and 100% PBDE-free


All models are certified for conformance to NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) – ASTM E1590; Cal Tech Bulletin #117 and16 CFR Parts 1632 and 1633 by an independent testing organization.

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