Bariatric Care

With our full range of bariatric safe patient handling equipment, Savaria helps healthcare facilities improve patient care for people of all sizes. Improve safety and efficiency of your staff, plus provide maximum comfort and dignity for your patients with Savaria Patient Care.

Transforming Care for Patients of all Sizes

Broadest range of solutions

Tailored range of purpose-engineered equipment to meet the unique requirements of bariatric patients, including ceiling lifts, floor lifts, slings and surfaces.

Next generation of care

Customized safe patient handling plans and site-specific design based on care facility requirements in bariatric room design.

Partnering for better patient care

Dedicated team safe patient handling experts to help you select the best solution for your care environment.

Personalised Care Delivery

Effective solutions and specialized approach

Our diverse portfolio of bariatric products allows bedside staff to more efficiently reposition, perform ADLs, transfer, and mobilize patients of size. Accommodating patients with both peripheral and central weight distribution safely and reliably, our solutions drastically reduce the risk of bedside staff injury and lost days of work.

Enhancing User Experience

Human-centered design

Savaria solutions are simple to use and intuitive, making them easy for new or temporary staff to operate for better compliance. Moving away from simply scaling up standard products, we focus on purpose-built solutions tailored to the specific needs of larger patients. Our obsession with safety is evident in the superior quality and durability of our products.

Transforming Patient Care

Clinical expertise

Our team of clinical trainers combine years of bedside experience in multiple clinical backgrounds to provide tailored solutions for bariatric care. We can assist you in crafting the best ways that are specific to your needs, considering factors such as patient demographics, facility size, and staff skill level.


Products & Solutions

Discover Our Innovations

Explore our comprehensive solutions for empowering patient care, including cutting-edge Ceiling Lifts, advanced Therapeutic Surfaces, Transfer Aid Solutions and more, all backed by a commitment to quality and innovation in patient handling.

Bariatric Care

Addressing unique needs with dignity, bariatric care products focus on providing specialized care to patients of size.

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Home Care

Transforming comfort into care, our range products can deliver the continuity of care you need to transition from the hospital to the home.

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Long-Term Care

Our comprehensive range of solutions is powered by advanced technology, ensuring enhanced safety, resident well-being, and overall quality of care in long-term care facilities.

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Acute Care

Our solutions are designed specifically to help hospitals in optimizing patient care delivery, enhancing efficiency, and improving patient outcomes.

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Early Mobilization

Addressing unique needs with dignity, bariatric care products focus on providing specialized care to patients of size.

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