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Savaria Patient Care Clinical Academy strives to serve the needs of our patients and caregivers, empowering them through safe and simple clinical solutions and improving their quality of life while advancing the science and holistic practice of patient care.

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Culture of Safety

Prioritizing safety and ensuring well-being for all, with our focused clinical academy, being the knowledge center for caregivers. 


Safe patient handling is the foundation of our programs. We aim to educate caregivers to optimize safety in their interventions from performing ADLs to complex transfers and much more.


Our programs are designed to assist caregivers in developing strategies to integrate early mobility into routine clinical care.


The Clinical Academy offers education in early recognition, prevention, and management of PI.

Culture of Safety


Our bariatric program takes a compassionate person-centered approach to caring for persons of size while taking the safety of both the patient and caregiver into consideration.


Our dementia care education aims to empowers caregivers to respond to dementia related behaviors with the skill and sensitivity allowing the patient to enjoy a full optimum quality of life.


Our academy offers clinical programs that are tailored to fit the individual needs of different units, facilities, and homecare environments.

Savaria Clinical Training

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Clinical Resources

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