Early Mobilization

At Savaria, we understand the importance of initiating physical activity or exercise as soon as possible for patients after ICU admission. Our range of solutions extends from Ceiling Lifts, Floor lifts, Manual Transfer Aids, Therapeutic Surface to much more that helps patients in seamless integration of daily routines and therapeutic exercises.

Driving Earlier Mobilisation

Cutting edge technology

Revolutionizing hospital care with top-tier clinical solutions fueled by innovative R&D, cutting-edge clinical research, and industry-leading best practices.

Investment that lasts

Our products are designed for longevity and prioritize quality, with state-of-the art manufacturing and stringent quality controls.

Clinical Excellence

Our team of clinical experts provides tailored clinical programs for healthcare professionals, ensuring excellence in patient care.

Optimizing Operational Excellence

Shorten hospital stays

Our tailored clinical programs and industry-leading line of products are designed to help patients start their recovery process sooner, which has been proven to cut ICU stays by half. This not only improves patient outcomes but also helps healthcare facilities save costs by reducing hospitalization time and associated expenses.

Transforming Care Delivery

Solutions for better patient care

Full range of advanced therapeutic surfaces, ceiling lifts, manuals transfer aids, floor lifts and slings that support standing, raising and gait training designed for initiating early and frequent patient mobilization empowers caregiving professional deliver better patient care.

Enhancing User Experience

Human-centric design

We understand that implementing early mobility protocols in the ICU can be challenging and it calls for treating each patient differently. Savaria products are designed for simplicity and purpose, using a human-centric approach, are intuitive to use and offer superior patient experience.


Products & Solutions

Discover Our Innovations

Explore our comprehensive solutions for empowering patient care, including cutting-edge Ceiling Lifts, advanced Therapeutic Surfaces, Transfer Aid Solutions and more, all backed by a commitment to quality and innovation in patient handling.

Early Mobilization

Addressing unique needs with dignity, bariatric care products focus on providing specialized care to patients of size.

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Home Care

Transforming comfort into care, our range products can deliver the continuity of care you need to transition from the hospital to the home.

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Long-Term Care

Our comprehensive range of solutions is powered by advanced technology, ensuring enhanced safety, resident well-being, and overall quality of care in long-term care facilities.

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Acute Care

Our solutions are designed specifically to help hospitals in optimizing patient care delivery, enhancing efficiency, and improving patient outcomes.

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Bariatric Care

Addressing unique needs with dignity, bariatric care products focus on providing specialized care to patients of size.

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