QuickMove Sit-to-Stand

ANA is designed to assist with patient care in a safe and comfortable manner and is ideal for changing places environments. The large lifting range allows for easy transfers from wheelchairs and optimum working heights for everyday care. The surface features moisture-proof, soft, comfortable padding that can easily be wiped down by caregivers for disinfection. The low profile of ANA makes it suitable for smaller rooms where space is a concern. Due to its wall mounted construction, no substructure exists that can harm children or adults when being used. A foldable model is also available allowing for additional floor space.



Sturdy, stable, lightweight and compact design format


Ergonomic and easy to maneuver, prevents injuries to caregiver


Buttock cushions with adjustable angles for full support

Packed with Features

  • Weight capacity is 375 lbs (170 kg)
  • Once standing, the seat pads can be folded down to provide additional support – whether as an extra layer of support or to use as a seat while transferring
  • Adjustable lower leg support/knee braces enhance the sense of security, and sitting, caregivers can angle the seat cushions to assist in achieving a standing position – all at the touch of a button
  • Adjustable buttock cushions that can be angled
  • Stimulates a natural movement pattern
  • Adjustable base width

Product Details

Downloadable Content

QuickMove Brochure
QuickMove Brochure
QuickMove Dimensions
QuickMove Dimensions
QuickMove Quick Tips
QuickMove Quick Tips
QuickMove User Manual
QuickMove User Manual
Care Instructions
Care Instructions
Safety Information
Safety Information

Powder coated steel
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Length: 39.2 in (980 mm)
Width: 24.2 in (605 mm)
Height: 44.8 in (1120 mm)
Base width: 20.4–36.0 in (510–900 mm)
Castor Size
3.0 in (75 mm)
77 lb (35 kg)
Safe Working Load
375 lb (170 kg)

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