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Our many years of bed engineering skill, research and clinical feedback have been taken to the next level in the design of the Encore and Advantage ReadyWide beds, with innovative features that address some of long-term care’s persistent challenges.

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The Right Solution

The full range includes multiple models with varying lifting capacities and functionalities. We offer patient situations for diverse settings, and users.

Human-Centered Design

User-friendly controls, comfort, and quality materials prioritize both caregivers and patients.

Safety Mechanisms

Has advanced safety features to ensure secure transfers.


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Explore our comprehensive solutions for empowering patient care, including cutting-edge Ceiling Lifts, advanced Therapeutic Surfaces, Transfer Aid Solutions and more, all backed by a commitment to quality and innovation in patient handling.

Long-Term Care

Our comprehensive range of solutions is powered by advanced technology, ensuring enhanced safety, resident well-being, and overall quality of care in long-term care facilities.

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Advancing healthcare in partnership with our customers.

Care Solutions

Putting Patients and Caregivers First: Specialized Clinical solutions for Exceptional Care.


Optimize Operational Efficiency: Customized project management, preventive maintenance, and nationwide service support.

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