SPAN Encore Bed

The Encore® is our premium bed, providing measurably improved levels of care and comfort for the user and better ergonomics and protection from injury for the caregiver.  Many key features are included as standard and its accessory line-up includes width and length options that make it well-suited to nearly any mattress and most potential users in its market.

  • Glidealign® retractable deck technology
  • Readywide® integrated “two click” expansion
  • Intelligent smart stop® improves low-bed safety and ergonomics



Bariatric bed when needed: accommodates users up to 600 lbs (SWL)


Better caregiver ergonomics and protection from injury


Enhanced levels of comfort and safety for the resident

Packed with features:

  • Intelligent Smart Stop ® low position auto-pause improves low-bed safety and ergonomics
  • Advanced Clinical Positioning includes Comfort Chair, T/RT, and Cardiac Care
  • Hospital-grade ball bearing swivel casters, provide full mobility at any height. Head-end includes directional lock-out.
  • The bed travels virtually straight up and down, while also providing ample under-bed clearance for your convenience.
  • Dual-position, dual intensity under-bed lighting for discreet illumination
  • Trapezoidal slat profile offers superior strength, ventilation, and cleaning ease
  • Integrated ReadyWide ® expanders to 42″
  • Foot-end controller with staff lockout
  • Baseboard Bumper, Fixed Mattress Retainers and Vascular Foot Ratchet

Glidealign® Retractable Deck Technology

Here’s why vertical alignment is vital in long-term care:

Superior fall prevention: when the user is kept in vertical alignment all access-points in the user’s bed environment remain safely within reach.

Superior staff protection: fixed-deck beds cannot keep the user in alignment necessitating frequent turning or repositioning of the user, increasing the prospect of staff injury.

Superior protection from shearing: the user glides back to original position following HOB elevation.  This protects sensitive skin areas such as sacrum, heels and elbows from skin shearing induced by friction with the sheets.

Glidealign Retractable Deck Technology

Readywide® Integrated “Two Click” Expansion

  • Click once to pull expander out to 39″ wide.  Click again for 42″ width.
  • Navigates narrow doorways: expanders provide fast, hassle-free solution for in-facility bed mobility
  • Caregiver advantages:  Wider surface for safer, easier transfers and ADLs.
  • Plus model holds 650 lbs (standard model holds 500 lbs)
Readywide Integrated Two Click Expansion

Intelligent Smart Stop® Low position auto-pause

  • Automatically stops lowering when deck reaches 12.5″ (318 mm) from floor.
  • Lowering can then be resumed via foot-end (staff) control only.
  • Provides cue for caregiver to confirm underbed clearance.
  • Eliminates potential hazard of patient lowering bed onto unseen obstructions via hand pendant.
  • Can aid in reducing injury, falls by users who might otherwise attempt egress from a “too-low” position.
Intelligent Smart Stop Improves Low Bed Safety And Ergonomics

Smart Stop® Improves Low-Bed Safety And Ergonomics

Smart Stop® prevents falls by prohibiting the user from trying to egress from a dangerously too-low level.  Lowering down into low height zone is only possible using the FEC.  Flashing indicators display as bed goes into low height zone.  Under-bed indicators can also be switched over to discreet nighttime floor level illumination.

Illustration Patient 90 degrees position

3-Position Assist Device

Ergonomic 3-position assist device locks at right angle to the bed for sturdy ingress/egress support, protecting both user and caregiver. Both 3-position and half-length assist device made of molded, pleasing-to-touch materials.

3 Position Assist Device

Product Details

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Customize with:

  • Bed extenders to 84″ length
  • Ergonomic, 3-position side assist rail bed for sturdy ingress/egress support
  • Molded, half-head assist rails
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Headboard and footboard options
  • Gooseneck, headboard-mounted pendant holder
  • Bed & deck angle indicator kit
  • Side carrying transport dollies to move beds through narrow halls and ergonomic maintenance
  • USB Charging Kit
  • Mechanical: 5 years
  • Frame: 10 years
  • Welds: 15 years
  • ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005 – Medical electrical equipment
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 60601-1-08 – Medical electrical
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 60601-2-52:11 – Medical Beds
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 60601-1-2-08 – EMC
Size & Weight

Height Floor to Mattress Support

7-7/8" - 31" / 200 mm - 787 mm

Deck Angles – Back Elevation

0 – 70°

Deck Angles – Knee Elevation

0 – 30°

Bed Length – Overall Length

82", 86", 90" / 2083 mm, 2184 mm, 2286 mm

Sleep Surface – Retraction Travel

12" / 305 mm

Bed Length – Sleep Surface

76", 80", 84" * / 1930 mm, 2032 mm, 2134 mm * * Requires the 4" Bed Extender Kit

Bed Width – Sleep Surface

36", 39", 42" / 889 mm, 991 mm, 1067 mm

Bed Width – With Side Rails

40-1/2", 43-1/2", 46-1/2" / 1029 mm, 1105 mm, 1181 mm

Weight of Bed (without accessories)

253 lbs / 115 kg

Safe Working Load

600 lbs / 272 kg

Mobility (at any height)

7-7/8" - 31" / 200 mm - 787 mm

Bed End Panels

Permanent or removable mounting

Ingress Protection  Rating

IPX4 (Electrical components IP66)

Electric Motors

Four (4) DC self-lubricating linear actuators

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