Rexx Bed

An affordably, detail-rich favorite.


  • The bed travels virtually straight up and down, protecting walls and equipment, with legs spaced for equipment clearance.
  • It can be mobile or locked at any height, making bed re-positioning easier and safer for staff.
  • The high-angle vascular foot rest is adjustable, eliminating the need for pillows and blankets to prop up feet.
  • Precision welded orthopedic grid decks provide a ventilated support surface with perimeter welding for no-sag support.
  • Individually powder-coated bed components offer durability, with a flexible polyester finish that resists chipping and flaking.
  • The smooth and easy-to-clean deck surface won’t snag on gloves and cleaning cloths, making it easier to disinfect and preventing tears in linens or mattress bottoms.
  • Optional dollies streamline bed logistics, as they are easily attachable with a pin and key, providing a platform for servicing and maintenance.

The REXX and REXX Fast

An affordably, detail-rich favorite.

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The fast-rising option

Meets the recommended adjustment time of 20 second or less as outlined in the OSHA guidelines.


  • Increases staff productivity
  • Reduces staff injuries related to lifting
  • Contributes to reducing staff turnover
  • Saves staff energy and reduces accumulative trauma
  • Meets OSHA speed recommendation
  • Saves Money

Rexx Options

Tool-less 42″ Wide Expanders

Our new expanders transform the Rexx, Rexx Fast and Advantage beds into a wider 42″ surface for user comfort, fall prevention and ADLs.  The expanders can then be removed tool-lessly to navigate the bed through narrow doorways.

Our molded plastic and metal half head rails are both compatible with the expanders, mounting securely to the expander unit before attachment to the bed frame.  The robust expanders kit features form molded packaging designed for storage and reuse.

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Optional foot end controls with lockout

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Standard or goose-neck pendant holder

Option of standard or goose-neck pendant holder on rail or back of headboard

pendantholders on rail

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Dollies Brochure
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Expander Sheet
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Rexx/Rexx Fast Series
Rexx/Rexx Fast Series
Rexx/Rexx Fast Series

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