Leg Lifting Support Sling

The Leg Lifting support sling is an ideal accessory to support the limb for hygiene and wound treatment.  It is easy to apply and will reduce patient care handling.


Durable and Supportive Material

Made with durable and supportive materials, ensuring both comfort and safety during use.

Product Care

Can be laundered and tumble dried in order to prolong the product’s lifespan

Strap options

Color coded loops on all straps to assist with patient positioning

Packed with Features

  • Manufactured in quilted structured fabric
  • Offers additional support for patient hygiene & wound treatment
  • Helps to reduces patient/carer handling
  • Can be used during a transfer or to provide support during a procedure

Product Description

Downloadable Content

Data Sheet Leg Lifting Support Sling
Data Sheet Leg Lifting Support Sling
(Bariatric) Leg Support Print
(Bariatric) Leg Support Print
Available Options

B-Leg- Heavy Duty Polyester

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