Track Turntable

The Savaria Track Turntable is designed for use by caregivers and health care professionals to connect two crossing track routes together, thus allowing the ceiling lift to move freely between both track routes in a home care, assisted-living or hospital environment.



Suitable for various environments including homecare, assisted-living, and hospitals

Easy Installation

Simple setup process for quick integration into existing track systems

Space-saving Design

Compact footprint ideal for maximizing available space in healthcare facilities or residences

  • Seamless Track Connection: Effortlessly connects track routes for smooth ceiling lift movement.
  • Enhanced Safety: Qualified operators ensure safe patient handling with built-in safety mechanisms.
  • Longevity and Maintenance: 10-year lifespan with regular maintenance for optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive Manual: Detailed instructions and safety precautions for installation and operation.
  • Operator Training: Full training required for safe operation; manual should be kept for reference.

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User Manual

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