SPAN PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible

Versatile pressure relief solution for tailored patient comfort and support. The Custom Care® Convertible series of pressure redistribution surfaces is designed to help clinicians provide excellent patient care on both flat deck and recessed deck frames, facility wide.

  • Minimized shearing through Geo-Matt® surface geometry and Shear Transfer Zones® on bi-directional stretch cover
  • Minimized risk of falls and bed entrapment through Safety Edge™ bolster design
  • Flexible treatment modalities, including alternating pressure and lateral rotationEasy-to-use ruggedized one-piece quiet control unit with quick connect-to-mattress port



Converts to powered surface with simple addition of control unit


Can save significantly on the need for rentals

Add-on Modalities

Lateral rotation, alternating pressure and powered flotation (“float”) modes

A Therapy-ready surface for every bed

Flexibility has been designed into this next generation PressureGuard series.  Both Custom Care Convertible models, easily convert to a powered surface with the simple addition of a control unit – an approach that can save significantly on the need for costly rentals.

PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible surfaces represent the next generation of time-tested PressureGuard air therapy surfaces. In peer-reviewed studies, non-powered and powered PressureGuard surfaces outperformed traditional powered surfaces in wound healing through Stage.

Custom Care Convertible mattresses feature the innovative Star Chamber system engineered with air support cylinders that are constantly filled with air – whether or not the surface is powered. Even in their non-powered state, the air cylinders’ head-to-foot orientation provides greater air displacement and better weight distribution than typical side-to-side cylinder configurations, and the cross-connected elasticized reservoirs absorb peaks to mimic powered flotation.

The Star Chamber design makes powered therapies more effective as well. Add-on powered control units instantly provide capability for alternating pressure and lateral rotation, offering greater treatment flexibility.

LifeSpan® Fortified Healthcare Fabric

The cover’s enhanced features include the unique design of the anti-microbial bi-directional stretch cover made with Span’s superior LifeSpan® fabric.
LifeSpan® is extremely durable and cleanable and delivers outstanding resistance to chemical breakdown caused by bleach and other harsh disinfectants.

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PressureGuard® Custom Care® Convertible Recessed Deck Model

The recessed deck versions of selected Span surfaces, including the Custom Care Convertible, brings our advanced technology to recessed deck beds.Our engineers have developed a version of the Custom Care Convertible surface to accommodate the unique design requirements of recessed deck beds.  V-shaped edges enable the mattress to fit the recessed deck bedframe, while the compressible section accommodates multiple lengths and foot positions.

Design creates an inner bolster “cradle” effect for added safety when the patient sits on or moves toward the bed edge.  This protective feature helps direct the patient’s center of gravity safely back toward the center of the bed.   Two sturdy fabric handles improve relocation ergonomics.  Visit the recessed deck surfaces page

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Proven Pressure Guard Features

  • Geo-Matt® style foam topper
  • Individual foam cells accommodate bony prominences
  • Head-to-foot cylinders for better pressure reduction
  • Heel Slope transfers some load to more shear tolerant calves
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Shear Transfer Zones

  • Creates shear-minimizing bands beneath heels, sacrum and scapula
  • Helps “glide” user to original position following gatching
  • Provides overall stability while offsetting friction
  • Fortified, cleanable LifeSpan® cover
SPAN Ultramax Shear Transfer Zones

Product Details

Downloadable Content

Custom Care Series Product Booklet
Custom Care Series Product Booklet
Standard Catalog page - Recessed Deck
Standard Catalog page - Recessed Deck
Buy/Sell in California
Buy/Sell in California
Standard Catalog Page
Standard Catalog Page
Surface Algorithm
Surface Algorithm

Weight Limit

500 lbs (non-powered mode), up to 350 lbs (powered modes)


Mattress -5 years, non-prorated. Control Unit - 2 years, non-prorated

Mattress height


Mattress weight

Approximately 24 lbs, non including control unit Weight limit and warranty specifications for the Custom Care Convertible Recessed Deck Model same as Standard Custom Care Convertible.

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