SPN PressureGuard® APM² Safety Supreme

PressureGuard APM2 Safety Supreme is a cutting-edge pressure relief system ensuring utmost patient safety.



Documented APM2 air therapies plus raised perimeter safety

Treatment Flexibility

Choice of lateral rotation, alternating pressure or powered flotation at the flip of a switch


Cover: fluid-proof, anti-fungal, bacteriostatically treated coated nylon

Proven Therapies with Full Safety Features Package

 All the Key features of the PressureGuard® APM2 combined with the added protection of the “Wings”-style raised perimeter and a lowered, padded opening for ingress and egress. You get the proven therapeutic benefits of the powered air cylinders underneath the Geo-Matt topper, plus the raised edges designed that increase patient safety from falls, restraints and side-rail entrapment.

Raised Perimeter

  • Prompts user safely away from edge of bed
  • Reduces risk of dangerous falls or side-rail entrapment
  • Designed to reduce the need for restraints
  • Perimeter of Geo-Mattress® foam for skin integrity
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Digital Multi-Functional Control Unit

  • Choice of lateral rotation or alternating pressure therapy
  • Float mode provides powered flotation therapy
  • Auto Firm mode for transfers, ADLs & CPR
  • Simple, indexed comfort adjustment
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Geo Matt Style Foam Topper

  • 2″ deep topper reduces shear to underlying tissues
  • More than 800 individually-articulating cells
  • Redistributes pressure, reduces heat and skin moisture buildup
  • Heel Slope™ designed to further reduce heel pressure
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Pressure Guard Design

  • Head-to-foot air cylinders for better pressure reduction
  • Better support in seat area when head of bed is raised
  • Individual foam cells accommodate bony prominences
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Product Details

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Surfaces Selection Algorithm
Surfaces Selection Algorithm
Size & Weight


Safety, Therapy. Value.

Weight limit:

350 lbs.

Mattress weight

20 lbs.


18-months, non-prorated, all components.


UL listed

Medicare Code: E0277

The PressureGuard® APM2 is recognized for reimbursement under this code.

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