SPAN Geo-Mattress Pro

Geo-Mattress Pro: Medical-grade comfort and support for optimal patient care



Zoned construction with single layer value


Bacteriostatically-treated, fluid-proof, wipe-clean cover with ultra-low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)


Hidden zipper design for easier cleaning and superior
infection control

Therapeutic Foam Mattress

Single layer, zoned construction delivers excellent value for budget-conscious facilities. All Geo-Mattress® models also feature vapor barrier, bacteriostatically treated covers.



Ring of Air

  • Helps to disperse heat and moisture away from skin into atmosphere
  • Layer of air assists in pressure management
  • Enhances foam conformance to the body
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Geo Matt Style Foam Topper

  • Topper reduces shear to underlying tissues
  • More than 800 individually-articulating cells
  • Redistributes pressure, reduces heat and skin moisture buildup

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Heel Slope

  • Heels are the second most common site for pressure ulcers, second only to the sacrum
  • Heel slope distributes pressure over lower leg, reducing pressure on the vulnerable heel
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Raised Perimeter Option

  • Prompts user safely away from edge of bed
  • Reduces risk of dangerous falls or side-rail entrapment
  • Designed to reduce the need for restraints
  • Perimeter of Geo-Mattress® foam for skin integrity
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Geo Mattress Model Comparison
Geo Mattress Model Comparison
Standard Catalog Page
Standard Catalog Page
Surface selection Algorithm
Surface selection Algorithm
Product Literature
Product Literature
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Warranty:  5 yrs, non-prorated
  • Mattress height: 6″ at center
  • Mattress weight: 21 lbs.

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