Independent Lifter

Designed for those with moderate to strong upper body function, the Independent Lifter puts the patient in control of their transfers and removes the need for a sling. The patient operates the controls and pilots their own transfers around the swimming pool, bathroom, bedroom or wherever! The Independent Lifter reduces risk to the caregiver and is ideal for homecare scenarios where the patient prefers a safe, simple and self-reliant lifting experience. For use in conjunction with Handicare’s Prism Medical ceiling lifts.


Stainless Steel Construction

Stable, secure, rust resistant and hygienic; suitable for wet environments and built to last

Hygienic Design

Rounded corners and smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean; they do not catch or jab


Compatible with two- or four-point suspension bars

  • QRS Hook Receiver – quickly and securely attaches to Handicare’s ceiling lifts with QRS hook
  • Polyurethane Pads – torso supports that are soft, durable, anti-slip and quickly conforms to the patient’s body temperature
  • Adjustable Leg Supports – for maximum comfort and ideal positioning for patient onboarding
  • Adjustable Torso Supports – three-point adjustment and spring-loaded supports allow for secure and comfortable grip for patients of various builds and sizes
  • Leg Supports – available in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) to ensure proper fit and support for patients of various builds and sizes
  • Engineered for patients weighing up to 440 lbs (200 kg)

The Independent Lifter was designed to provide independence and freedom to various transfer situations. In combination with a Handicare ceiling lift, the Independent Lifter removes the need for a sling, and gives simplicity and accessibility for convenient application for situations including swimming pools, toilets, showers, and others. The Independent Lifter is perfect for homecare where simplicity, independence, and safety are needed.

Product Details

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Independent Lifter Brochure
Independent Lifter Brochure


20” (Adjustable)





Weight limit

440 lbs

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