An Industry-first: 1,200-lb capacity in a single unit

Savaria HC Ceiling lift

Maintaining the dignity and safety of bariatric patients presents an especially complex challenge.

Our lithium-ion powered bariatric lift series is designed to help.

Perfectly synchronized motors in a single cabin allow smooth, comfortable transfers of your facility’s largest patients – up to 1,200 pounds (544 kg).  Eliminates the extra effort and awkwardness of cumbersome multi-cassette systems while ensuring excellent lifting range and clearance.


Always Ready

Superior battery recharge time

Powerful, fast lifting

Three safe working load (SWL) options: 363 kg (800 lbs), 454 kg (1,000 lbs) or 544 kg (1,200 lbs).

Superior Warranty

3-year warranty (all components including battery)

The bariatric lift is built upon the same, lithium-ion platform as the non-bariatric M-Series. It is outfitted with many of the same design features for infection control, safety, durability and charging flexibility. Highlights and options include:

  • Power traverse with four selectable speeds
  • Electronic soft-start and soft-stop motor control
  • Available external OIML Class III (kg); registers up to to 454 kg/ 1000 lbs. Integrated option available.
  • Emergency stop, emergency lowering, low battery indicator, On/Off switch
  • Superior battery recharge time
  • In-track or end-stop charging; Return to Charge /Return to Home options
  • Battery status, maintenance required indicator

Motorized 360 degree rotation

Designed to meet the multiple needs of caregivers and patients, the bariatric lift delivers advanced, motorized clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for superior maneuverability even in tight spaces.

Bariatric Lift 360 degree rotation

Motorized 4-point tilting carry bar

The sophisticated engineering of the powered 4-point tilting carry bar with tethered remote enables the precise positioning required for safe, efficient transfer in bariatric care environments.

Motorized 4 point tilting carry bar

Antimicrobial Strap

  • Disinfectable strap with antimicrobial fiber-level coating
  • Fray-resistant strap routing design for enhanced strap life
Antimicrobial Strap

Product Details

Downloadable Content

Owner's Manual
Owner's Manual
Size & Weight

Product Weight Ceiling lift weight

23.5 kg (51.8 lb)

Product Life

10 years

Safe Working Load (SWL)

544 kg (1200 lb), 454 kg (1000 lb) or 363 kg (800 lb)

Lifting Speed

5.5 cm/sec (2.2 in/sec) at 0 kg 5 cm/sec (2 in/sec) at 363 kg (800 lb) 4.5 cm/sec (1.8 in/sec) at 454 kg (1000 lb) 4.0 cm/sec (1.6 in/sec) at 544 kg (1200 lb)

Horizontal Speed

12 cm/sec (4.7 in/sec) 19 cm/sec (7.5 in/sec) - factory setting 22 cm/sec (8.7 in/sec) 26 cm/sec (10.2 in/sec)

Ingress Protection Rating


Noise Level

Maximum 54 dBA

Duty Cycle

Max 10%, 1 min continuous use

Medical Equipment Class

Class 1

Protection Class

Type BF

Battery Battery type

Lithium Ion, 25.2V, 2500 mAh, 2 batteries in the device (replaceable)

Battery Capacity

Approximately 30 cycles of 61 cm (24 in) at 544 kg (1200 lb) Approximately 45 cycles of 61 cm (24 in) at 454 kg (1000 lb) Approximately 70 cycles of 61 cm (24 in) at 363 kg (800 lb) NOTE: When equipped with the constant charging system in the track, the number of cycles is limited to the duty cycle of the device and the charging time which translates to approximately 150 cycles per day at the maximum load.

Battery Charging

Full capacity in approximately 4 hours

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