F350CT Car Transfer Patient Lift

The ideal solution for patients with the ability to participate in their own transfers. Makes transport quick and simple while encouraging weightbearing as well as maintenance of trunk and upper body strength.


Portable and foldable

Made for easy transport and storage

Safe, reliable and easy operation

350 lb (160 kg) safe working load; simple charging, 3-year warranty

Allows dynamic positioning

better adjustment and control during transfer than with typical lift designs

Packed with Features:

  • 450 lb. (205 kg) safe working load
  • Easy base width adjustment accommodates chairs and commodes
  • A convenient toileting alternative vs. use of a wheelchair
  • Locking rear casters add an extra measure of safety
  • Attachment hooks for optional support belt
  • Simple, fast assembly using tools provided
  • Conforms to:  ISO 12182:2012

Product Details

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Product Catalog
Product Catalog
Service Parts f350ct
Service Parts f350ct
f350ct Dimensions Chart
f350ct Dimensions Chart
Product Literature F350CT
Product Literature F350CT
Usage Requirements

The F450T is designed to provide transfer assistance to patients with the necessary strength to

  • Pull themselves up into standing position
  • Lower themselves safely into the seated position
  • Bear weight in the standing position

For these patients, use of the F450T encourages activity and helps maintain strength. For patients who do not meet these criteria, a powered lift should be used.

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