Universal Sling Head Support

The Universal Sling head support is easy to use and fit, it has the classic lines for almost any transfer, whether seated, reclined or supine. It can be used in a divided leg or closed leg position for transfers to or from a bed, wheelchair, the floor or even a toilet or commode, thanks to its commode aperture. With its high quality, enduring design and smart combination of form and function, its wide-ranging features make the Universal Sling appropriate to nearly all sling applications and a lasting standby you can always rely on.

We offer 6 different types of this product

  • 517420 front


  • 8a1420 front


  • 8a4430 front


  • 8a4430 front


  • 547060 front


  • 8a4430 front



Quality Control

Each and every sling undergoes a meticulous inspection process, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

Innovative Materials

Regardless of which material you choose, you always get a sling that is comfortable, yet strong and durable.

Simplicity is comfort

No decorative stitching, unnecessary cross-stitching or thick seams that can cause discomfort, friction or shear.

Packed with Features

  • Provides support around the hips and sacral area and under the thighs up to the shoulders with optional head support
  • Generous lateral trunk support
  • Multiple loop and strap options can accommodate various seated and semi-reclined positions
  • Divided leg supports can be applied and removed in a seated or supine position
  • Leg straps can be applied in various positions for different levels of support
  • Built-in caregiver handles on each side add a level of control when moving and transferring user
  • Medium commode opening

Product Details

Downloadable Content

Universal Sling Spacer, PolySlip,Mesh/Poly Instruction sheet
Universal Sling Spacer, PolySlip, Mesh/Poly Instruction sheet
Mesh, Quilted, Padded Universal Sling Instruction Sheet
Mesh, Quilted, Padded Universal Sling Instruction Sheet
Universal Sling Disposable Instruction Sheet
Universal Sling Disposable Instruction Sheet

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