In-situ Deluxe Leg Superfine PLUS Sling Fixed Loops

In-Situ Amputee Spacer sling is a full body sling with an integral head support with a Universal clip for stud fixed lifters. Suitable for all Amputee scenarios. Manufactured in Superfine Plus, (a 3D spacer mesh) providing an option if the sling needs to be left in-situ for an extended period of time.


Durable and Supportive Material

Made with durable and supportive materials, ensuring both comfort and safety during use

Product Care

Can be laundered and tumble dried in order to prolong the product’s lifespan

Strap options

Color coded loops on all straps to assist with patient positioning

  • A full-body support sling perfect for standard or bathing transfers with quick drying spacer mesh
  • Offers integral head support, as well as hip, thigh and femur support
  • Looped hip tapes, divided leg areas and removable support bones provide optimum pick-up options and enhanced client comfort
  • Low-friction fabric allows for easy application and is suitable for asymmetrical body shapes as the fabric helps to mold to individual body shapes
  • In-Situ design can be left in place for longer periods with full written risk assessment

Product Details

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Instructions of Use
Instructions of Use
Product Details - In-Situ Deluxe Leg Sling
Product Details

in situ leg sling shape diagram


Superfine Plus close upSuperfine PLUS is made from 100% polyester spacer fabric, providing superior comfort over standard sling fabrics, easy application and is suitable for bathing.

User Physicality
  • Limited head control
  • Limited head trunk and hip control
  • Limited mobility
  • Active alert and able to participate
  • Good head control
  • Good head trunk and hip control
  • Asymmetrical body shapes
  • Chronic pain
  • Severely disabled
  • Uncontrolled involuntary movement
  • Suitable for those with poor skin integrity
Additional Specifications

SWL (safe working load): 272 kg / 600 lb
Wash: 95°C / 203°F, Tumble dry low


Label In situ deluxe legA large, easy-to-read care label is sewn into each sling with the front identifying the sling type and name as well as the size. For washable slings, the label stands up to repeated laundering.




Backside labelThe reverse of each label provides Safe Working Load (SWL), laundering information and contact details.





silvalea service labelAll slings also include two additional labels to help  ensure proper replacement scheduling: a size label with month and year of manufacture, and a service label, including serial number, for recording routine inspection.

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