Geo-Matt® Contour

  • Firm, contoured foundation layer Assists in proper positioning of femurs and pelvis.
  • Geo-Matt® top layer Geo-Matt cut top layer reduces pressure, heat, and moisture.
  • Sling-fill base (optional) Molded ABS plastic insert fills in the gap created by fabric slings.  Creates a flat rigid foundation where needed.  Fits into sleeve sewn into all covers on cushions with “-96” suffix
  • Available in two options
  • Deluxe cover featuring rugged Cordura® nylon with supple, stretch fabric top.
  • Facility cover with vinyl bottom and nylon top.


Therapeutic Positioning Seat Cushion

Proven Geo-Matt® design, plus pelvic “bucketing”, contoured leg channels, and center abductor for excellent patient positioning. All models are encased in a wipe-clean Durafilm™ incontinence-proof coating.  Cover accommodates optional Sling-Fill Base.  Total cushion height 3.5″.

The Geo-Matt® Contour is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare codes E2603 (<22”wide) or E2604 (>22” wide).

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medicare seating codes
medicare seating codes

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