Modeled after the company’s original Isch-Dish®, Span-America’s new EZ-Dish™pressure relief cushion provides a simpler, non-fitted seating solution for those at high risk for pressure ulcers at the ischium or coccyx.

  • Visco-elastic foam topper for softness, conformance, comfort and pressure redistribution.
  • Firm, contoured foundation layer assists in proper positioning of femurs and pelvis.
  • Anatomically shaped pocket reduces pressure on ischials and coccyx.


A comfortable viscoelastic “memory foam” top molds to the anatomically shaped round-edged pocket below. The cushion delivers outstanding pressure relief to the bony prominences where users need it most. High density bottom is contoured to encourage healthful, upright posture and proper positioning of the legs.

The cushion features a wipe-clean zippered cover with a tissue-friendly, fluid repellent surface that helps reduce slipping and has a visual indicator for “bottom rear”. Cover accomodates optional Sling-Fill Base. EZ-Dish™ is available in four standard sizes.

The EZ-Dish™ is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare codes E2603 (<22”wide) or E2604 (>22” wide).

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