High Easy Sling with Loops

  • A go-to, multi-purpose sling design that is easy to apply to the patient
  • Patient sits in a slightly reclined position, providing superior comfort and support
  • Padded leg area and hip tapes to ease pressure on the back of the knee
  • Tailoring around shoulders and commode area for better body fit
  • Can be used to lift patients from the floor after a fall with its full support design


Product Details

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Instructions of Use - High Easy Standard Sling
Instructions of Use - High Easy Standard Sling.pdf
Product Details - High Easy Sling with Loops
Product Details - High Easy Sling with Loops.pdf

High Easy loops bw drawing shape diagram new


Superfine Plus close upSuperfine PLUS is made from 100% polyester spacer fabric, providing superior comfort over standard sling fabrics, easy application and is suitable for bathing.




Mesh close upMesh is made from 100% polyester open weave mesh, featuring high density, good durability and appropriate for bathing use as quick drying.




polyester close up 2Poly is made from 100% polyester, providing easy application with smooth gliding material and quick drying after washing.


sizing diagram high easy with loops NEW

A: Shoulder circumference B: Top of head to base of spine

Imperial Sizing

X Small
A. 30–34 in
B. 23.5–26 in

A. 34–38 in
B. 26–29 in

A. 38–42.5 in
B. 29–31.5 in

A. 42.5–51.25 in
B. 31.5–34.5 in

X Large
A. 51.25–56.75 in
B. 34.5–39.5 in

XX Large
A. 56.75–63 in
B. 38–41 in


Metric sizing

X Small
A. 76–86 cm
B. 60–66 cm

A. 86–96 cm
B. 66–74 cm

A. 96–108 cm
B. 74–80 cm

A. 108–130 cm
B. 80–88 cm

X Large
A. 130–144 cm
B. 88–100 cm

XX Large
A. 144–160 cm
B. 96–104 cm

User Physicality
  • Limited body control
  • Limited head control
  • Limited head trunk and hip control
  • Limited mobility
Additional Specifications

SWL (safe working load): 272 kg / 600 lb
Wash: 95°C / 203°F, Tumble dry low


Label High Easy LoopsA large, easy-to-read care label is sewn into each sling with the front identifying the sling type and name as well as the size. For washable slings, the label stands up to repeated laundering.




Backside labelThe reverse of each label provides Safe Working Load (SWL), laundering information and contact details.





silvalea service labelAll slings also include two additional labels to help  ensure proper replacement scheduling: a size label with month and year of manufacture, and a service label, including serial number, for recording routine inspection.




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