Savaria is growing. In 2021, Savaria welcomed the Handicare group into the family, joining the Span and Silvalea brands that together encompass the Patient Care business segment of Savaria. Collectively, Savaria (TSX:SIS) designs and builds products to improve quality of life through better mobility.

Broader Portfolio of Products

Together with our legacy brands, Savaria Patient Care now offers a larger and more extensive range of products designed for safe patient mobility and positive outcomes in long-term care, hospital, and homecare environments. Our research and clinically based product portfolio include therapeutic surfaces for pressure management and positioning, medical beds, a complete range of innovative ceiling lifts, slings, and solutions for bathing and personal hygiene.

In our research-driven portfolio, we proudly offer an extensive range of services, significantly enhancing our capabilities. Savaria Patient Care, with its patient-centered approach, diligently addresses every facet of care within clinical and institutional settings.

The merger strategically combines diverse brand experience and cutting-edge technologies, encouraging innovation and unlocking synergies in both product development and research. This collaborative effort is a catalyst for creating advanced solutions to redefine and elevate the quality of patient care.

Savaria Patient Care Broader Portfolio of Products

Countless Solutions, One Company

Savaria Patient Care’s integrated sales approach leverages the expertise of our teams to offer customized solutions, elevating mobility and minimizing the risk of injuries for both caregivers and their clients. From equipment maintenance to adept project management, we are committed to creating the safest, best care environment to help your patients maintain their independence and dignity as they age. 

“Through the acquisition of these great companies, we have created a one-stop shop for our customers,” says Philip Marmina, Senior Vice President of Sales of Savaria Patient Care. “Our focus on the integration of Science, Safety and Simplicity has allowed us to broaden our offering and deliver solutions that ensure high quality, efficient, cost-effective and safe patient handling in all care environments.” 

As a combined company, Savaria empowers caregivers to make informed and clinically advanced decisions effortlessly, consistently delivering superior quality and cost outcomes. This 360-degree approach addresses the complete care continuum providing access to advanced technologies and a continuous commitment to the best care standards.

Multifaceted Training

Multifaceted Training Savaria Patient Care

Savaria Clinical Academy, established in February 2023, is backed by a team of clinicians boasting over two decades of collective experience in a variety of clinical settings. This collective expertise allows Savaria Clinical Academy to offer customers and partners unparalleled education and training through a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience.

“I am proud to lead a team that is dedicated to providing an exceptional level of education, equipping healthcare professionals with the skills and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape,” said Amber Slay, BSN, RN, Director of Savaria Clinical Academy.

Unified Digital Presence

We are streamlining our online presence by merging six websites into a single website, aptly named ‘Savaria Patient Care.’ LinkedIn pages from our legacy brands have also be combined under the ‘Savaria Patient Care’ umbrella. This strategic consolidation not only simplifies access but also highlights our commitment to providing a unified platform for improved user experience to our partners and customers.

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We have now embarked on our brand transformation journey, uniting these great brands under one industry-leading umbrella and establishing Savaria as an integrated Patient Care solutions and technology leader. During this period of change, our commitment to collaboration and strengthening long-standing relationships with all our business partners remains stronger than ever.

“We are creating a unique corporate identity that not only embodies our passion for innovation but also highlights the rich heritage of breakthroughs and clinical expertise that run through our divisions. Through this identity, we aim to communicate our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional solutions in our industry,” said Ivan Guerassimov, Marketing Director.

Savaria Patient Care at a Glance:

Overall, this merger exemplifies Savaria Patient Care’s commitment to science, safety and simplicity by demonstrating our unwavering investment in research, efficiency, and patient and caregiver protection. Our brand transformation reflects Savaria’s reputation as a leading integrated patient care solutions provider and our dedication to maintaining our exceptional service, innovative culture and focus on patient care.