Medcare Walking Sling

A Walk in the Park

Designed by physical therapists for use in ambulating patients, using the Medcare Walking Sling is a walk in the park. The Medcare Walking Sling assists caregivers with standing and ambulating patients. The unique leg harness design provides the patient with comfortable support around the waist and legs. The waist and leg harnesses are interchangeable, providing a custom fit.


  • Made from ripstop polyester — if punctured or torn, it will not rip!
  • Non-slip material ensures the belt stays low around waist
  • Slightly stretch to provide a contoured fit to most body shapes
  • Antimicrobial protection works 24/7 for an added level of cleanliness protection and inhibits growth of microbes such
  • 4-point hook-up — attaches to any 2- or 4-point hook and loop sling attachment system
  • Customizable patient fit with detachable leg harness design
  • Design eliminates groin discomfort caused by other walking sling designs
  • Convenient handles around belt allows for assistance from a caregiver, if desired
  • 600 lb capacity

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