Deluxe Hammock Sling

The Deluxe Hammock Sling is a hybrid of the Universal and Hammock slings. It is a multipurpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good trunk and thigh support. The Deluxe Hammock Sling is available in a variety of materials.

  • Optional Hip Strap
  • Small to medium commode opening

We offer 3 different types of this product

  • 8h2400 front


  • Polyslip

  • 8h4400 front



Quality Control

Each and every sling undergoes a meticulous inspection process, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

Innovative Materials

Regardless of which material you choose, you always get a sling that is comfortable, yet strong and durable.

Simplicity is Comfort

No decorative stitching, unnecessary cross-stitching or thick seams that can cause discomfort, friction or shear.

Packed with Features 

  • Provides support around the hips and sacral area and under the thighs
  • Multiple loop and strap options can accommodate various seated and semi-reclined positions
  • Divided leg supports that can be applied and removed in a seated or supine position
  • Leg straps can be applied in various positions for different levels of support
  • Hip Strap Optional
  • Built-in caregiver handles on each side add a level of control when moving and transferring user
  • Small to medium commode opening

Product Details

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Deluxe Hammock Sling Instructions
Deluxe Hammock Sling Instructions

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