About Savaria Patient Care

We innovate healthcare for a safer, better experience, prioritizing patients and care providers with human-centered clinical solutions. 

Our Brand Story

Savaria Patient Care provides products designed for safe patient handling and positive outcomes. Our research and clinically based product portfolio include therapeutic surfaces for pressure management and positioning, a complete range of innovative ceiling and floor lifts and slings. Built from a heritage of brands including Span, Handicare and Silvalea, Savaria Patient Care is a division of Savaria Corporation (TSX:SIS), a global leader in accessibility.

Our Divisions

Powerful Platform for Patient Care

Through the integration of Handicare, Span and Silvalea, we have captured a powerful platform that allows us to provide a complete solution for your safe patient handling needs, resulting in improved positive outcomes. 

Handicare is the leading provider of medical technology solutions specializing in the patient handling equipment with 300,000+ ceiling lift systems in North America, offering passive and active lifts, transfer aids, a wide range of slings and bathing and hygiene solutions. 

Savaria Patient Care

Uniting Strengths of Span, Handicare, and Silvalea

Reinventing Safe Patient Handling with an Integrated Vision

Healthcare Solutions

Our innovative solutions are designed to optimize patient outcomes and enhance operational efficiency in healthcare facilities. We work with a goal of providing you with reliable and effective services that meet the unique needs of your facility and align with the latest research and best practices. 

Our Promise

Reinventing Patient Care with Science, Safety, and Simplicity. At Savaria, we reinvent patient care through the integration of science, safety, and simplicity. Our commitment to these principles enhances the care experience for providers and patients.


Prism P 300

Prism Medical Ltd, the parent company of Waverley Glen Systems (WGS), introduced the ceiling lift to North America and pioneered the development of modern ceiling lift technology. Prism Medical addressed a significant challenge in healthcare facilities: preventing musculoskeletal injuries caused by patient lifting, transferring, and repositioning. This is particularly crucial because lifting patients is the primary cause of work-related injuries among nursing personnel. As a strong supporter of the “minimal lift” standard, Prism Medical dedicated itself to lowering costs associated with healthcare worker and client injuries and providing solutions to meet facility's needs. 


Empowering Care Worldwide

Leading a continuum of global care with precision and compassion through our care solutions

Beamsville SPAN Bed Production

Beamsville, ON

Span Medical Bed Production

Magog Research and Development centre

Magog, QC

Ceiling Lift R&D Centre

St Louis Sling Production

St. Louis, MO

- US HQ - Sling Production - Ceiling Lift Production


Greenville, SC

Span Surfaces Production

Savaria Patient Care Team Concord

Surrey, BC

Western Canada Office

IMG 7142

Concord, ON

Canada HQ  & Operations

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