Span+Aids® Surgical & Post-Operative


Open Heart Surgery Kit

Holds each leg in externally rotated position for vein presentation. Special cuts allow for drainage tubes and sensors. Each kit includes 2 leg positioners, 2 heel protectors and 2 leg toppers.

openheartkit cropped

Total Knee Leg Elevator

Used in knee replacement surgery, elevates leg in flexed position.

totalknee cropped

90 Degree Leg Elevator

Bends knee at 90 degree angle. For use during surgery or physical therapy.

90degreelegelev cropped

O.R. Table Pillow

Used during surgery in supine or lateral position to provide support for sensitive areas of the head. Segmented squares offer maximum pressure dispersion, especially during prolonged surgical procedures.


Axilla Cuff

Supports and protects axilla and underarm during surgery.

axillacuff cropped

Thoracotomy Arm Sling

Used with an ether screen bar, it positions hand and wrist for access to thoracic cavity without occluding IV. Adjustable hand strap allows multiple wrist positions.

thorocot arm sling cropped

Laminectomy Arm Cradle Set

For use in prone position. Restricts rotation of arm, cushions axilla and provides firm support for entire limb.

lamarmcradset cropped

Elbow Protector

Comfortable protection with adjustable strap.

elbprot cropped1

Heel Protector

Provides comfort and protection. Adjustable strap allows a custom fit.

heelprt cropped1

Ulnar Nerve Protector

A full six inches wide, the ulnar nerve protector provides protection to ulnar nerve and elbow. Adjustable ventilated design.

ulnar nerve protector1

Sacral Pad

Cushions sacral area during surgery. Segmented squares in center help disperse pressure.


Foam Positioning Rings

All-purpose pressure dispersion and comfort. Available in 7″,8″, and 9″ diameters.

posring cropped

O.R. Armboard Pads

Comfortably supports entire arm during surgery when used on O.R. table armboards.

orambdpd cropped

Standard Abduction Pillow

Adjustable foam straps.

abdstandard cropped

Abduction Pillow with Comfort Band

Adjustable Velfoam straps with a cotton comfort band

abdcomfort cropped

Schaeffer Abduction Pillow

Adjustable foam straps, comes with a pair of cradle boots to prevent heel breakdown.

schaefferabdpillow cropped

Abduction Pillow with Contour & Comfort Band

Adjustable Velfoam straps, contoured leg channels and a cotton comfort band.

abdcontourcomfort cropped

Abduction Pillow with Contour

Adjustable Velfoam straps and contoured leg channels.

abdcontour cropped (1)

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