The Most Innovative Solution to a Manage a Fall

Raizer II Lifting Chair

The Raizer II is an innovative, battery-operated mobile lifting chair designed to safely and effectively raise an individual that has experienced a fall. Its simple operation significantly reduces the physical strain on caregivers, offering a reliable and dignified solution in moments of need.

  • Single caregiver operation with minimal physical exertion.
  • Simple and intuitive assembly within seconds
  • Compact mobility coupled with lithium-ion technology for continued readiness



Small footprint allows it to be carried and stored easily.


Lithium-ion battery eliminates the need to be connected to a power outlet during use.


Intuitive sound and LED indicators for simple assembly and operation.

A Widely Adopted Falls Management Solution

The Raizer II is compact and easily assembled to help lift an individual off the ground. Lifting is initiated with a push-button remote or seat control panel, reducing strain for the caregiver. It offers a safe and comfortable lifting mechanism that significantly reduces caregiver strain and injury risk compared to manual lifting methods. Lightweight, compact, and equipped with a lithium-ion battery for up to 80 lifts per charge. The Raizer II, widely adopted, is currently used by care homes, hospitals, community centers, ambulance services, individual carers, and cruise ships.

A Secure and Comfortable Lift

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every component of Raizer II is thoughtfully selected to serve the needs of both caregivers and patients alike.

Equipped with detachable safety belts on both backrests, it provides a secure and comfortable experience for the individual being lifted.

Designed to meet the demanding standards of healthcare professionals and facilities across North America, Raizer II combines security and comfort to deliver unparalleled care.

Raizer 2 patient fully raised wtih caregiver

Intuitive Design

Experience unparalleled ease with Raizer II’s user-friendly design. Equipped with intuitive sound and light indicators, assembling the Raizer II is effortless, even in the most challenging environments. Its two identical backrests and four interchangeable legs can be easily fitted in any sequence, ensuring swift and secure assembly under any circumstance. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity with Raizer II.

Raizer 2 Intuitive Design


Easily clean and disinfect every surface of Raizer II without any awkward or hard-to-reach areas.

Raizer 2 Easy to Clean

Compact, Mobile Solution

The Raizer II lifting chair is battery-operated, eliminating the need for a power outlet. Effortlessly controlled by a remote, which conveniently docks on the chair’s side when idle.

Raizer 2 Compact Mobile Solution

Easy to Transport

When disassembled, the Raizer II fits into two, easy to carry bags. One holds the backrests and legs, featuring ergonomic straps for hand, shoulder, or backpack style carrying. The motor unit/seat is carried separately in a protected cover with a comfort handle designed for close-to-body carrying.

Raizer 2 Easy to Transport 2

Product Details

Downloadable Content

Raizer II Brochure
Raizer II User Manual
Part Numbers

Raizer II: 105029

Raizer II with Headrest: 107761

Size & Weight

SWL (Lifting capacity)

150kg (300 lbs)

Lifting time

20-30 seconds

Battery capacity

Approx. 80 lifts per charge

Charging of empty battery

10-15 min = 1 lift


USB charger and 15W charger for standard power socket

Seat dimensions

68.6 cm W x 25.7 cm D x H: 19 cm H (27" W x 10" D x 7.5" H)

Noise level

<70 dB A

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