Car Extractor

The Medcare Car Extractor Lift is a versatile and user-friendly solution for safely transferring patients in and out of nearly any vehicle. With its adaptable design, intuitive controls, and emphasis on safety, this lift system provides a reliable and efficient option for caregivers. Its durability and portability make it a practical choice for various healthcare settings, ensuring a smooth and secure patient transfer experience.

Featuring a low leg base to slide under the lowest-slung sports car and 30-inch reach plus 40-inch lifting range, the Car Extractor’s straight boom arm can reach deep into even the tightest vehicle interiors and lift sitting or laying patients with white glove caliber service.


Powerful Battery

The dual battery has high capacity and charging is needed less frequently


Ergonomic and easy to maneuver, prevents injuries to caregiver

Strong built

Lightweight yet sturdy built, featuring a 30″ reach and a 40″ lifting range

Packed with Features
  • 475 lbs (215 kg) capacity
  • Dual battery design allows stand to be in constant use
  • 360° rotation for easy patient positioning
  • Straight boom for deep access into vehicle
  • Hand control allows caregiver to be positioned next to patient during transfer
  • Compact, padded 2-point hanger bar
  • Available with Hanger Bar Stopper option that prevents sling loops from sliding off of the hanger bar hooks
  • Includes attachable mesh bag for easy access of slings
  • Proper use requires two caregivers
  • To be used with two Medcare Care Stand Belts

Product Details

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Dimensions Sheet
Dimensions Sheet
User Manual
User Manual
Cleaning Instructions
Cleaning Instructions
Size & Weight


Overall Length: 47” Outside Width (legs closed): 27” Inside Width (legs open): 36” Height of Wheel Base: 4.5” Boom Arm Reach: 30” Lifting Range: 40” Power Source: Rechargeable 24 Volt, 5 Amp Battery

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