Band Sling

The Band Sling is ideal for lifting and supporting limbs whether for changing dressings or performing surgery. In certain circumstances, such as for cooperative users with good upper body strength, trunk control, endurance and cognition, it also can help in turning the user or for elevating a shoulder or hips.

We offer 2 different types of this product

  • 507720 closeup


  • Disposable


Quality Control

Each and every sling undergoes a meticulous inspection process, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

Innovative Materials

Regardless of which material you choose, you always get a sling that is comfortable, yet strong and durable.

Simplicity is Comfort

No decorative stitching, unnecessary cross-stitching or thick seams that can cause discomfort, friction or shear

Packed with Features
  • Limb Support Sling
  • Designed to assist caregivers in supporting and positioning limbs
  • Situations include wound care, foot care, hygiene care, sling application, bed exercises, and general limb elevation

Product Details

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Band Sling Instruction Sheet
Band Sling Instruction Sheet

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