Unlocking Superior Care: 10 Reasons to Choose PressureGuard Support Surfaces

If you are considering buying vs. renting therapeutic support surfaces for your residents, what you buy has critical implications. From the largest corporate groups to the smallest independents, clinicians and administrators recognize the unique benefits that SPAN PressureGuard air therapy support surfaces deliver:

  • Science. PressureGuard products are clinically proven to deliver superior wound care outcomes by addressing the effects of pressure, shearing, friction, heat buildup, and maceration.
  • Safety. PressureGuard products help protect your residents from wounds, falls, and entrapment while protecting your facility from liability concerns and regulatory snares.
  • Simplicity. PressureGuard products make ownership hassle-free. They’re designed to be simple to set up, simple to use, and simple to clean and maintain.
Protocol Cutaway

Before you choose a support surface, consider these 10 Reasons why so many choose PressureGuard

Reason 1. PressureGuard – Built to own, not to rent.

Does your rented mattress come rolled up in a bag? It’s designed for easy storage and delivery. That’s a benefit to the rental company, not to your patients. Truth is, it is impossible to build these roll-up mattresses with all the key features found in PressureGuard products. Roll-ups are designed to maximize income for the rental company, not outcomes for your residents.

Reason 2. Documented, Time-Tested Results. 

It’s important to practice evidence-based care, and PressureGuard products provide that evidence in two ways.  First, they’re backed by proof of their effectiveness published in clinical articles, scientific posters and white paper documenting their superiority compared to traditional designs. Second, this outstanding performance has made PressureGuard products a go-to in a variety of patient care settings for more than three decades—particularly as North America’s #1 seller in long-term care. 

Reason 3. Prevent Falls and Entrapment.

Liability due to patient injury or death from falls or entrapment in the bedframe/mattress combination is a constant worry in long term care. The unique features of the PressureGuard Safety Edge limits a facility’s exposure to these events.

Reason 4. Patient Stability in Rolling and Edge-Sitting.

Our patented PressureGuard design combines a multi-cylinder air system surrounded by an engineered foam outer shell. This design builds in a level of stability that simply cannot be achieved by typical, roll-up rental air mattresses. In fact, it is documented to be up to 40% more stable in edge-sitting. And unlike other mattress designs whose unstable edges cause them to lose up to 50% of the width of the mattress in safe area of use, PressureGuard gives stability across the entire surface.

Clinical Training Surfaces

Reason 5. Clinical Support.

With certified wound care specialist consultants on staff, Savaria Patient Care continues to provide evidence base for your product decision, a phone consultant for product decisions and patient-specific questions, and backing for questions from surveyors. Our Survey Survival Guide provides information often requested by surveyors about support surfaces, information that is available to you at your fingertips. One less worry on Survey-Week.

Reason 6. Hassle-Free Use and Maintenance.

Your staff should be taking care of residents, not equipment. PressureGuard products are designed to deliver maximum performance with minimal intervention. Our control units are simple to set up and operate (no programming patient weight or special settings) and the surfaces are designed to be easily wiped clean, just as you would clean any standard mattress in your facility.

Reason 7. Low-Air-Loss That Actually Does What Low-Air-Loss is Supposed to Do.

Our PressureGuard Easy Air microclimate management surface controls skin maceration—that is, removes more excess perspiration from the skin—than any other system on the market. Period. What’s more, our design accomplishes this without all the usual compromises associated with tradition microclimate /”low-air-loss” products. For starters, it won’t go flat in a power outage. And it won’t “swallow up” your resident, nor make them too hot or too cold.

Reason 8. Bariatric Models.

Outstanding PressureGuard air therapy surfaces are available in bariatric sizes to support the needs of users up to 1,000 lbs.  See the line-up.

Reason 9. Exclusive Anti-Shearing Geo-Matt Top Surface.

We build the proven Geo-Matt anti-shearing geometry into the top surface of every PressureGuard mattress. Without even turning on the power your patient is already lying on a surface that has proven itself for decades to be an effective at addressing pressure redistribution, and for decreasing the effects of shearing and heat/moisture buildup.

Reason 10. Risk-Free 30-Day In-House Trial.

Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation 30-day in-house trial. Your local sales rep will be happy to assist you. Yes, it is really risk-free. Really.

BONUS Reason 11. Performance Over Time – Ours, and Our Products’.

What you buy is important, and so is from whom you buy it. SPAN has been designing and manufacturing innovative pressure management solutions since 1975. Our 200,000 square foot plant in Greenville, SC is ISO 13485:2016 certified and boasts fully staffed Quality Assurance and Research and Design Departments. We have built a reputation for market-leading design innovation, outstanding product quality, and industry-best warranty protection.